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Custom & Ready-To-Wear

Ready To Wear

Lacefront Hairlines

This new feature that gives you the “off the face” natural hairline.
Today’s synthetic wigs are lightweight and have a memory curl . . . so they’re easy to style and ready to wear.
Wigs that have razor cut layering that frame the face are all so flattering.
Fresh and pleasing for women of any age.
Affordable options from Pixies to Bobs even Long and Glamorous.
Available in Synthetic or 100% Natural Hair.

Custom Made

Let us design the perfect hairpiece that gives you the quality and comfort you deserve.
Finest quality . . . for those who appreciate the best.
100% European Hair is used with our custom-made wigs and hairpieces.
We can match most types of hair textures and colors.
Take the step into your first custom-made wig or hairpiece today!


Ready-To-Wear Collection


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