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Over many years working with clients undergoing Chemotherapy, we understand the needs and steps it takes to get through this time.

For some, wigs are fun and fashionable.
For others, they represent a step towards building a new life.

At Bitz-n-Pieces, we make selecting your wig easier to assure you will look and feel your best.

Step 1: Private Consultation and Selection

Your consultation will take place in one of our beautiful private rooms for the comfort of you and your guest. During the consultation one of our highly trained stylists will introduce you to the world of wigs.

Step 2: Second Fitting

When your hair starts reacting to the treatment, you return and your stylist will custom size and personalize your hairpiece by Barry Hendrickson’s signature technique that will assure the most comfortable and secure fit.

This second fitting appointment is complementary with your purchase.

Step 3: Option Wear

Featuring Headwear that makes life easy.
Easy slip on caps and turbans that are lightweight and comfortable.
Assortment of prints and colorful fabrics scarves that are easy to use.

Underneath Hat Hair – the Halo.
This hairpiece fits easily under head-wraps or scarves.
Designed to give you room to wear your favorite hats.
This also gives you hair surrounding your neck and face.
They come in many lengths and colors – and are a sure easy alternative.

At first everyone feels “the whole world knows I have a wig on”. When in fact, a properly fitted and styled wig is really hard to detect.


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