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Follea’s Cannes features “French” skin top—indistinguishable from natural skin—and the best hidden knotwork found today.

Best suited to sleek, flatter styles and best when integrated into your own hairline. Offers a choice of attachment by tape, clips or combs, but unsuitable for bonding application.


Cannes 16″/21″

  • Color 10031
  • French Top · Hand Made Back
  • Hand Selected Reserve™ Hair
  • Hair: 16″ layered (41 cm) · 21″ overall (53 cm)
  • Fringe: 16″ (41 cm) · Top: 16″ (41 cm) · Crown: 16″ (41 cm)
  • Side: 41″ (41 cm) · Nape: 14″ (35 cm)
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Ventilated with healthy, natural human hair in Straight with Natural Body Texture—Lifestyle wigs can be curled, ironed, or permed in the same way you do your own hair—and cut to whatever style you choose with the given hair length.

Cannes wigs are stocked in medium size. Extra-small, small, large, and extra-large sizes are available by factory order.

Available in our 5 Luxury colors.


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